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The Clean Slate Reset | A Full System Cleanse After Breast Cancer Treatment For Faster, Fuller Recovery

A Modified Cleanse Program For Breast Cancer Survivors

As survivors know, the battle does not entirely end after breast cancer treatment is over. Our bodies have been battered, our minds exhausted - many of us are left with lingering side effects and a whole new host of health concerns, such as complexities with our gut and hormone health. What’s needed most after treatment is a way to hit the reset button. 

Over the last two decades, I've honed a breast cancer specific cleanse program. It’s designed to clear away the damaging residue of treatment and give survivors the best possible foundation to build back our health and vitality. I call it, “The Clean Slate Cleanse Program.”

The clean slate reset program outlined here provides a way to hit the reset button - to clear away the residue of treatment and give our bodies the best possible foundation to build back our health. This is not a quick fix, nor is it a cure-all. However, it helps women turn the corner in their health journey so that positive progress can be made and maintained instead of experiencing slippage back to negative symptoms and side-effects. If you’re looking for a way to reset your health after breast cancer treatment, I encourage you to consider incorporating the clean slate reset program into your recovery journey. 

Why Do We Need A Reset After Breast Cancer Treatment?

Cancer treatments, whether chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, or medications, take an immense toll on our bodies. It’s hardcore stuff, as any survivor knows. These intense interventions are designed to eliminate cancer, yet they also damage healthy cells and systems in the process.

We’re often left with weakened immunity, chronic inflammation, imbalanced hormones, poor digestion, liver congestion, disrupted sleep, and nutrient deficiencies.  Plus continued stress and weariness pervades  our mind, body, and spirit, especially if we’re worried about recurrence and recuperating our careers and lives. It’s no wonder we feel completely spent and need a reset.

How do Thriving Survivors Approach the Reset?

In Naturopathic medicine, we use the concept of the “vis medicatrix naturae”, which is the healing force of nature.  This philosophy tells us that there is an energy that pervades all living things, and when we are free of obstacles and given optimal nutrition, every living thing will come to a state of optimal health.  So when we do the Reset, the focus is on taking anything out (such as food, stressors, or chemicals) that may be negatively impacting our health, and providing optimal nourishment so the body has everything it needs to restore vitality. The Reset is gentle and nourishing by design so you can start to feel vibrant again.

The Clean Slate Reset Program Provides A Full System Reset By:

  1. Supporting gentle detoxification of the liver, kidneys, skin, and gut - our body’s pathways for cleansing toxins.

  2. Removing inflammatory foods that can exacerbate issues like pain, fatigue, and chemical sensitivity.

  3. Flooding the body with wholesome, nutrient-rich foods that enable healing and renewal.

  4. Establishing healthy lifestyle habits to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit.

  5. Allowing time for rest, recovery, and self-care for cancer survivors.

With this multi-pronged approach, the clean slate protocol aims to clear away toxic residues, restore inner balance, revitalize health, and reinforce positive patterns - so you can rebuild a thriving life after breast cancer treatment.

A Clean Slate - 3 Weeks To Reset

The clean slate program is designed as a 3-week cleanse experience for cancer survivors. Most women choose to follow it for the full 21 days in order to experience the maximum benefits. However, it can also be tailored to be 1 or 2 weeks if need be. If you’d like personal consultation about how to modify the detox program to meet your specific timeframes or dietary needs, let’s schedule a call to discuss your options. 

Here’s an general overview of what’s involved on a week by week basis:

Week 1:

Throughout the reset, the most important advice to follow is self-care.  Choose activities that feel nourishing, sleep and rest as much as you want and need, move your body each day, and say no thank you to situations that are stressful or unpleasant. 

From a dietary perspective, we focus on eliminating foods that cause inflammation and help your liver cleanse itself. You'll cut out alcohol, caffeine, refined grains, sugar, dairy, gluten, and red meat. Every day, drink lemon water and a specially formulated mix of nutrients that boosts your liver health. You’ll want to eat cleansing foods like leafy greens, low-sugar fruits, non-dairy milk, beans, nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Stick with fish and poultry as your major protein sources. In combination, these provide nutrients to support detox pathways. Focusing on liver-friendly whole foods lays the foundation for rebooting your body and mental health!

Week 2:

Though it can be challenging, it’s important we continue to stay away from inflammatory foods like caffeine, dairy, gluten, and red meat. If you are feeling good, you have the option of further simplifying the diet to minimize animal products and grains . And Sticking to plant-based proteins like legumes, nuts, and seeds. While this isn’t dietary advice, you can enhance your detoxification by spending time in the sauna, taking salt baths, getting massages, and gently exercising. Yoga flow, anyone?

Week 3:

We’re into the final stretch! It is time to transition back to everyday eating while retaining healthy habits. Feel free to reintroduce foods like poultry, eggs, and grains, but I’d recommend keeping alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten, and red meat out for now. Your emphasis should be on foods that feel nourishing and provide a holistic nutritional spread. As this week ends, your body will be feeling pure. You can gradually start shifting back to your regularly scheduled programming and normal patterns. Yes, even ice cream. 

While each week has specific requirements, the basics remain the same throughout: 

  1. Drink lemon water upon rising and herbal tea throughout the day. 

  2. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables each day

  3. Take time for self-care practices like massage, meditation, or baths. 

  4. Get adequate sleep, moderate exercise, and joyful movement. 

  5. Eliminate alcohol, caffeine, and sugar. 

Your days will be centered around simple, whole foods meals and snacks. Supplements are included that aid specific detox pathways for a more thorough cleanse - if you’d like additional information about which supplements support breast cancer recovery, check out this blog.  

Doing a highly intentional and deliberate cleanse after breast cancer treatment is a major commitment, so it’s likely you’ll feel low energy and a bit less social. As your energy revamps, I recommend trying to connect with friends and get back out in the world.  

Thriving After Breast Cancer Treatment

After The Clean Slate Reset, Continue Mindful Consumption 

Whew, well, you’ve completed the 3-week clean slate reset program and you’re probably feeling an urge to continue mindful consumption, though you’re grateful not to be on such a rigorous and restrictive diet… 

This detox is a launching pad for your wellness, it’s a way to rid yourself of lingering maladies in your body after breast cancer treatment and puts you on path towards optimal health. Here are a few tips that will help you integrate the core concepts of the clean slate cleanse into your daily practice. 

  • Periodically repeat the detox protocol - consider a 3-7 day reset 4 times per year.

  • Retain healthy habits - keep exercising, prepare clean meals, drink herbal tea, reduce alcohol intake, and establish self-care rituals.

  • Address lingering symptoms - work with practitioners to tackle issues like fatigue, pain, insomnia, hormone imbalance, or nutrient deficiencies in order to optimize recovery.

  • Keep learning - continue educating yourself on evidence-based integrative care approaches to maximize healing.

  • Develop a support network - connect with other cancer survivors who understand this journey. Share resources and recipes, be generous with your encouragement and transparent about your experiences..

Celebrate progress, both yours and those around you! When you acknowledge each small step forward after the intense challenge of cancer treatment, you honor yourself and others.

Clean Slate Conclusion

The clean slate detox program will help you feel better after cancer treatment. It gives your body good healthy foods to build your cellular foundation, strong habits that’ll carry you forward, and much due rest and recovery time. Your body is a fascinating and miraculous vessel for life, let it work its magic. 

As we discussed, the best way to let your body work is to eliminate the energy sucking elements of your diet. After that, fill the gaps with nutritious foods and learn how to make them delicious! 

If you’re reading this before April 14th of 2024, then you’re in luck! The Thriving Survivors community is about to kick off our Nourishing Group Spring Cleanse. This is a program for anyone, not just breast cancer survivors, so you can bring your family into the fold. We’re going to expand our understanding of bodily functions so we deepen our knowledge of how to effectively and efficiently cleanse toxins. You’ll receive exclusive access to my latest studies into detoxification protocols as well as learn recipes to support you throughout the cleanse.

Of course, a detox is only a step on the path of full-circle recovery from breast cancer. For more breast cancer survivor specific information, my website is packed full of helpful educational resources. If you found this helpful, check out my online program Rebuild Health After Treatment. It’s a robust e-learning course designed to provide survivors like you with the vast array of information needed to transition from just surviving to authentically thriving. If you’re interested, I’d love to learn more about your recovery goals over a phone call consultation - feel free to schedule with me whenever works best.

You deserve to have energy again and feel peace of mind. Start with the detox. Take time to rest. Allocate energy to doing activities you love. And know that if you need support for any of the journey, I’m in your corner. 

Wishing you well,

Dr. Kaycie Grigel

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