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Podcast Episode: All things Breast Cancer with Dr John Neustadt

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Dr Kaycie and Dr John Neustadt on the delivering health podcast

Thanks to Dr John Neustadt for having me on his awesome podcast Delivering Health! We had a great chat about how breast cancer changes our bodies and minds, the power of natural therapies to keep us healthy and heal after treatment, and the amazing ability survivors have to live their most authentic life.

Key Takeaways To Tune In For

  • [1:10] Why Dr. Grigel chose to dedicate her time to this topic

  • [2:20] Dr. Grigel diagnosed with cancer

  • [2:54] Hormone changes during cancer treatment

  • [4:37] Physiological and emotional impacts of treatment

  • [6:16]What to do about those changes

  • [7:57]Neutrients used to help with impacts

  • [8:53] Soy and breast cancer

  • [10:08] Vitamin D and breast cancer

  • [11:17] Osteoporosis in cancer survivors

  • [12:51] Helping survivors with the mindset

  • [15:35] Moments of clarity during treatment

  • [17:01] What does your self-care look like

  • [18:30] Dr. Grigel’s take on dairy in relation to breast cancer

  • [20:47] The act of intentional eating

  • [22:41] Anxiety and a diagnosis

  • [24:29] Finding an authentic life

  • [25:30] Creating an online community

  • [28:53] What it all comes down to


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