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Reclaim Your Highest Health: Breast Cancer Support Group and Recovery Services

Let's help you thrive again!
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Learn how to heal more fully, during and beyond your treatment.

Thriving Survivors offers holistic, transformative online support for women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer, providing natural ways to heal from their treatment more quickly, experience fewer side effects, and come back as vibrant as ever, ensuring comprehensive support for breast cancer patients.

Take back control of your health with a recovery plan that begins where traditional treatment ends.

From the moment you get a cancer diagnosis, everything is different. 


As your care team determines your treatment plan, you feel uncertain, scared, and powerless. 


As your treatment transforms your body, hormones, appetite, and even libido, it’s easy to feel as though your health — and life — are completely out of your control. 

But you have the power to shape your own recovery.

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Bridge the gap between feeling alive at the end of your cancer treatment and feeling more like yourself.

Designed for breast cancer survivors, those undergoing treatment, and women diagnosed with BRCA mutations, our self-guided online health programs and one-on-one services help you improve the efficacy of your treatment, reduce the harshness of your side effects, rebuild your health and vitality post-treatment, and support you in lowering your chances of recurrence. With holistic wellness plans based on the deep wisdom of naturopathic and functional medicine, Thriving Survivors helps you to heal naturally through tailored nutrition, lifestyle, and supplement recommendations.

Our programs are not intended as an alternative to conventional cancer treatment, but to support you through it. Cancer treatment is exhausting! Healing from it shouldn’t be. Thriving Survivors programs are designed to gently guide you through your personal wellness plan, step by manageable step. Whether you are going through surgery, chemotherapy, or are finished with your treatment regimen, our programs help you feel better without adding to the overwhelm.


Think of Thriving Survivors as the last mile of your healing journey, guiding you back home after an arduous trip — back to the familiarity and comfort of your strong, healthy, and awesome self (even sooner than you think)!


You may be afraid, but you’re not alone.

Thriving Survivors was created for breast cancer patients and survivors by a breast cancer survivor.

Dr. Kaycie Grigel is a Naturopathic Doctor and clinical herbalist who has been working with women and optimizing women's hormone health since 1999. She is passionate about supporting others who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and empowering them with the tools and health information that will help them heal more quickly, fully, and naturally!

In our Thriving Survivors community, you’ll find support and encouragement from women who understand exactly what you’re going through.

Through our online programs and one-on-one Health Partnership, you’ll receive a lifetime membership in our private online community, with access to monthly health and wellness coaching sessions and weekly Q&As. Whether you’re looking to laugh, cry, cheer, or even just complain, we’re here to support you!

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